You have to be careful when tinkering with an icon. But for Paul Elvis Mayes the dream was to hand build a modern day classic in mahogany and then throw it across the water like it was virtually weightless. The result is the awesome but reassuringly expensive Super 55.

Daring and dramatic. This is where classic 1960s motor cruiser meets state of the art RIB. From the glorious roar as it explodes into life to the rich purr emitted at rest by its
 charismatic twin 50hp engines, the sporty new Super 55 comes with an agility you will feel around every luxury marina or deserted island – delivering exemplary performance coupled with the sheer exhilaration of open-top driving.  The Super 55 is the superboat of yacht tenders – the ultimate expression of the classic open top motor cruiser. Built not only to thrill but also to inspire.

With the help of Dubois Naval Architects, the Super 55 cuts through water at 30 knots with virtually zero wake – making it also an excellent fun boat. It is also an exceptionally dry ride, keeping up to 5 people enthralled but comfortable as it moves along at pace.

Spacious, elegant and practical, the exterior is superbly attractive and benefits from exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. It’s wraparound screen is actually the windscreen of the iconic Jaguar E-type and is surrounded in stainless steel and mahogany. Its open top gives you undisrupted panoramic views.

True to Ocean 398 heritage of skill and craftsmanship, this masterpiece of design has been styled to perfection.